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Many defendants can’t afford legal fees.  It’s not something to be embarrassed about.  Most people don’t budget for defense attorneys because most people don’t expect to be charged with crimes.  If you aren’t financially prepared to retain a defense attorney, you can apply for legal fee financing.

Applying for approval doesn’t doesn’t affect your credit rating.  The approval process takes about a minute to complete.  Being offered financing and doesn’t mean you’re obligated to accept financing.

Fee financing is available for all criminal defense cases.

If you’re offered a financing arrangement that you want to accept, I’ll ask for a 5% deposit up-front and the balance when the loan is funded.

If you don’t qualify for any loans or if you qualify for a loan that covers some but not all of your legal fees, we can still talk about a payment plan.  You can still pay your legal fees with cash, personal check, money order, or with a credit card.

If you choose fee financing, your legal fees will be increased by 4.2% of the financed amount to cover my costs unless we specifically agree otherwise.

60 Second Legal Fee Financing Application

Iowa criminal defense lawyers legal fee financing available

Here is information consistent with the requirements of American Bar Association Opinion 484.

I do not have an ownership or other financial interest in any finance company or brokerage associated with this financing application. I paid an initial set-up fee and I pay a monthly subscription fee and a percentage of funded loans to the company to make this available to you.  Loan money is paid directly to you, not to me.  You pay a deposit when you’re approved for a loan you want and then you pay us the rest when you receive the funds.  You repay your loan consistent with whatever terms you agreed to with the lender.  I don’t have any control over that part.

The loan company will tell me when they make a loan to you and when they send funds to you.  The cost to you is whatever interest rate you agree to with the lender. The benefit to you is the availability of legal representation that you might otherwise be unable to afford.  Attorney-client privilege will be unaffected.  I will not disclose privileged details about your representation to the bank(s) or lender(s) involved. Paying a lawyer through fee financing may affect your rights and remedies to get repayment or return of funds or forgiveness or reduction of your debt in a dispute arising out of a lawyer’s performance.

I am not going to advise you on whether a certain loan offer is a good idea or not; that is outside the scope of representation. I don’t recommend one payment option over another.

The finance company, broker, or bank will not direct or regulate my professional judgment in representing you in accordance with Model Rule 5.4(c). Legal fee lenders will have no direct financial interest in the outcome of your case and have no incentive to attempt to influence my advice, strategy, or tactics.

If your case is being handled on a flat fee basis, I will deposit the funds in our trust account and treat them as unearned or earned as the jurisdiction and our retainer agreement provide for the payment of flat fees. If either you or I terminate representation before flat fees are fully earned, I will refund unearned funds to do.