Cocaine Possession Penalties

Cocaine Possession And Penalties in Des Moines, Iowa

If you've been charged with possession of cocaine or another coke crime you need to contact a cocaine lawyer in Des Moines Iowa.

If you have a substance abuse problem, seek treatment immediately.  Getting clean can be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself and for your loved ones.  Drug treatment could save your life. If you're potentially facing a criminal charge, contact a narcotics lawyer immediately.  Prison time will interfere with your family life and with your ability to get employment that you're likely to find fulfilling and engaging. Law enforcement will arrest you whether or not your drug offense arose from addiction.  If you have a substance abuse problem or cocaine addiction, drug court may be available for your cocaine charge in some counties.

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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug.  While all cocaine comes from the coca plant, cocaine is sold in different forms. Cocaine base or crack cocaine is prepared for smoking and inhalation. Powdered cocaine can be snorted, injected, inhaled, or eaten.  Penalties for crack cocaine and freebase cocaine are usually more severe than penalties for powder cocaine.

Cocaine Possession in Iowa

Iowa Code Section 124.401(5) is one of Iowa's most commonly enforced drug laws. This section prohibits possession of a controlled substance. This includes things like marijuana possession as well as meth. Simple possession is the least serious drug offense.

Possession, identity of the substance, and knowledge are the elements of a simple possession charge in Iowa.  In order to convict, the county attorney must prove all elements beyond a reasonable doubt.  The prosecuting attorney can prove the possession element by showing either actual possession or constructive possession.

Your cocaine possession charge could be anything from a serious misdemeanor through a felony. Any drug offense that is an aggravated misdemeanor or worse carries a possible prison sentence.  A defendant could get five or more years in prison for felony possession. Possessing cocaine is often a more serous charge than possessing marijuana. It's important to take a cocaine offense seriously.

In order to prove simple possession on a drug charge for criminal possession, the prosecuting attorney must either show actual possession or constructive possession.

Possession of Cocaine Penalties and Sentencing

Depending on whether you're accused of having a small amount of cocaine for personal use or whether you had a pile of powder and the State thinks you planned to sell it, you could be looking at anything from a serious misdemeanor with a minimum two day jail sentence (that can be suspended) up to a "special" Class B felony with a possible fifty year prison sentence and up to $1,000,000 in fines.

Powder cocaine is treated differently than "crack" or cocaine base under Iowa law.

Coke Possession Deferred Judgment

You could be eligible for a deferred judgment if you plead guilty or are convicted. Talk to your lawyer about your options.

Distributing Cocaine

Related Charges

  • Child endangerment
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Felony drug possession
  • Possession of cocaine with intent to deliver
  • Possession of methamphetamine
  • Marijuana possession
  • Conspiracy to deliver cocaine
  • Drug trafficking
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Selling drugs while in possession or control of a firearm
  • Drug DUI / Cocaine OWI

How Can an Iowa Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyer Help?

Need help finding reasonable doubt on your alleged cocaine crime?  An Iowa cocaine possession defense lawyer can help you assess the likelihood of acquittal on your powder cocaine or crack cocaine possession charge. A criminal defense lawyer experienced with cocaine crimes can assess your drug possession charge if you are facing a cocaine charge or other drug crime.

After a drug bust, an Iowa cocaine possession defense lawyer can review your drug charges and advise you about a possible drug defense.  Your defense attorney can review any search or seizure made during a drug bust for violations of your Fourth Amendment rights.  A lawyer for drug crimes in Des Moines, Iowa will try to have inadmissible evidence suppressed so that your charges might be reduced, dismissed, or thrown out.

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