Iowa Criminal Process

ArrestFinding a LawyerKnow your Rights
Search and SeizureDIY Criminal DefenseBail and Bond
Sealing Juvenile Records
Sealing Adult Records
Misdemeanors and Felonies
Iowa Criminal SentencingInsanity DefenseFalse Accusations
Sex Offender Registry ModificationJust ArrestedIowa Criminal Defense Step by Step
Pre-Charge / InvestigationFirst-Time OffendersBench Warrants
Search WarrantsSpeedy TrialStatute of Limitations
EntrapmentRight to a Phone CallFree Legal Advice
Restoring Your Rights After a FelonyDeferred JudgmentDeferred Prosecution


Crimes and Charges in Depth

Alcohol Related CrimesOWIProviding Alcohol to a MinorProbation Violation Traffic Stops
Assault/BatteryDomestic ViolenceDrug CrimesGun LawsTheft and Robbery
Juvenile CrimesCyber CrimeFraud and Financial CrimesCrimes Against ChildrenCrimes against the State
Violent CrimesElder AbuseHate CrimesHarassment and StalkingHarassment and Cyberbullying
Teen Cyberbullying and Harassment MethamphetaminePublic Nuisance CrimesPublic IntoxSex Crimes
ProstitutionArsonSexual AssaultVandalismReceiving Stolen Property
TrespassingExtortionDriving on a Suspended LicenseVehicular AssaultMarijuana Possession

Drug Crimes

Possession of a Controlled Substance: Iowa Drug Possession LawsPossession of ParaphernaliaFelony Drug Possession
Marijuana Possession, Penalties, and DefenseJuvenile Drug Possession, Penalties, and DefenseCocaine Possession, Penalties, and Defense
Meth Possession, Penalties, and DefenseHeroin Possession, Penalties, and DefenseAmphetamine Possession, Penalties, and Defense
Shrooms Possession, Penalties, and DefenseLSD Possession, Penalties, and DefenseRohypnol Possession, Penalties, and Defense
Manufacturing DrugsManufacturing with Intent to Deliver/DistributeDrug Trafficking
Possession of Prescription Drugs without a PrescriptionEcstasy Possession, Penalties, and DefensePCP Possession, Penalties, and Defense


Iowa Criminal Sentencing

Presentence Investigation Expunging or Sealing Records




Pro Se

Free Legal AdviceJustia Ask A LawyerFree Advice From Lawyers on AVVO

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Continuing here, there are links to blog posts on specific crimes and charges. Here are links to blog posts about alcohol related crimes, OWI, providing alcohol to a minor, probation and parole violation, driving and traffic offenses, assault/battery, domestic violence, drug crimes, gun laws, theft and robbery, juvenile crimes, cyber crime, fraud and financial crime, crimes against children, crimes against the state, violent crimes, elder abuse, hate crimes, harassment and stalking, harassment and cyberbullying, teen cyberbullying and harassment, public nuisance crimes, public intox, sex crimes, prostitution, pro bono prostitution representation, arson, sexual assault, vandalism, receiving stolen property, trespassing, extortion, driving on a suspended license, vehicular assault, and marijuana possession.

And finally, in this little block down here about sentencing, here’s a post on presentence investigation.