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Confidentiality vs Attorney-Client Privilege
  ~  By Admin
  ~  March 16, 2022
Can an attorney share information I tell them? If you're reaching out for representation or advice, the answer is almost always no. The things you tell us will remain private. There are limited exceptions. Most information given to an attorney likely falls into one of two related categories: Confidentiality or Attorney-Client Privilege. Confidentiality is a […]
Iowa OWI 2 Hour Rule
  ~  By Admin
  ~  February 17, 2022
Operating While Intoxicated is a serious offense.  If an officer accuses you of an OWI in Iowa, you need to talk to an Iowa OWI defense attorney.  Your Iowa drunk driving lawyer will be able to explain to you the two hour rule for testing in Iowa DUI/OWI cases. What is the 2 hour rule? […]
Polk County Assault Dismissed at Trial
  ~  By Admin
  ~  September 4, 2020
Polk County, Iowa. A strip club bouncer claimed a woman assaulted him. Attorney Katherine Sears argued it was self-defense. The prosecutor dismissed the case when the bouncer didn't show up for the assault trial. Do you need a lawyer? If you want me to represent you when you are charged with a crime, we can […]
Coronavirus and COVID-19: What Iowa Defendants Need to Know
  ~  By Admin
  ~  April 16, 2020
On March 17, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Iowa Supreme Court has entered several orders suspending some -- but not all -- court proceedings and changing the procedure for many others. Here's what you need to know about proceeding with Iowa […]
Deferred Judgment
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  ~  December 29, 2019
Iowa Deferred Judgment Lawyer If you've been charged with a criminal offense in Iowa, you may be eligible for a "deferred judgment." Am I eligible for a deferred judgment? Depending on your criminal history and the type of charges you're facing, you may be eligible for a deferred judgment. Both misdemeanors and felonies are eligible […]
Boating OWI
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  ~  December 13, 2019
Iowa's Boating While Intoxicated laws are similar to Iowa's OWI drunk driving laws. If you've been charged with Boating OWI (operating a motorboat or a sailboat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol), you're facing many of the same consequences that you'd be facing for vehicular OWI. You have a right not to be […]
Katherine Sears
  ~  By Admin
  ~  December 6, 2019
Get my answers to legal questions at To quote another lawyer, "just because you did it doesn't mean you're guilty." Similarly, just because you're innocent doesn't mean they'll believe you. That's why you need a lawyer to help you protect yourself when you're accused of a misdemeanor or felony in Iowa. I graduated from […]
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  ~  November 4, 2019
At an Iowa arraignment, the State formally tells you what crimes they're accusing you of. Here's what you need to know.
Expunge Or Seal Your Adult Criminal Record
  ~  By Admin
  ~  June 9, 2019
Expunge or Seal Your Record Iowa Code Chapter 692 concerns "criminal history and intelligence data."  If you want to make some of that information from your past less visible to friends, family, and potential employers. you may want to expunge your record. Did you know that your court history can be seen online?  Anyone can […]
Traffic Stops
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  ~  February 10, 2019
Des Moines Traffic Attorney If you've been stopped by the police and charged with a crime, or even if you've just been stopped and are feeling a little weird about it, you may have questions about whether the police were playing "by the rules" and whether you made things worse for yourself by complying with […]