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OWI Suppressed - Drug Metabolites
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  ~  September 16, 2021
A defendant was facing OWI 2nd Offense.  Upon review of the evidence, it became apparent that the officer had demanded a drug test without probable cause.   After that, Attorney Katherine Sears argued that there were seven separate reasons to suppress the evidence.  The evidence was suppressed on the first argument.  The other arguments were not […]
Should I blow? Iowa DUI Breath Tests and Your Rights
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  ~  April 18, 2021
Drivers detained under suspicion of operating while intoxicated always want to know -- should I blow?  There are several things to consider when deciding whether to submit to a breath test. Law enforcement uses several kinds of chemical tests to measure alcohol and drugs in your body.  First, not long after they stop you, they […]
Polk County OWI Test Refusal Suppressed
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  ~  June 1, 2020
Polk County, Iowa -- A defendant charged with OWI, First Offense, was ineligible for a deferred judgment because of a DataMaster result in excess of .15. Attorney Katie Sears successfully argued that because of a section 804.20 violation, the test refusal was invalid and should be suppressed. With the test refusal suppressed, we were able […]
Boating OWI
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  ~  December 13, 2019
Iowa's Boating While Intoxicated laws are similar to Iowa's OWI drunk driving laws. If you've been charged with Boating OWI (operating a motorboat or a sailboat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol), you're facing many of the same consequences that you'd be facing for vehicular OWI. You have a right not to be […]
Second OWI Lawyer for Des Moines, Iowa
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  ~  January 21, 2019
Polk County Iowa Second OWI Attorney You need a second OWI lawyer Iowa if any court has convicted you of another OWI in the last twelve years. (Iowa DUI is called OWI.) If they convicted you more than twelve years ago, your second DUI will be charged as first offense OWI. Your first OWI was […]
First OWI Lawyer
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  ~  January 20, 2019
Polk County Iowa First OWI Attorney If you've been charged with an OWI for the first time (an OWI is what Iowa calls DUI), you're facing a lot.  A criminal defense attorney will review your case.  Your lawyer may try to suppress evidence.  The judge might even dismiss the case.  Drunk driving defense is serious.  […]
OWI Forms and Resources
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  ~  December 22, 2018
If you've been charged with an Iowa OWI -- operating while intoxicated, DUI, DWI, drunk driving, whatever -- here are some forms and laws that you might find relevant to your defense and to your alleged offense. DOT Request for DOT Hearing to Contest License Revocation Request for Temporary Restricted License / Work Permit  OWI […]
Des Moines DUI Lawyer
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  ~  December 18, 2018
What can an OWI Lawyer do for me? Meet you at the police station after your arrest and advise you about whether you should take the Datamaster test or not Offer you a free initial consultation so that you can determine whether you want to establish an attorney-client relationship Explain Iowa's OWI law Help you […]