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Polk County Felony Domestic Abuse Reduced to Misdemeanor
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  ~  July 21, 2020
Polk County, Iowa. A defendant was facing Domestic Abuse Assault Third or Subsequent Offense. Third offense domestic is a Class D Felony. Iowa Code Section 708.2A(4) and 708.1(2) explain the charge. Instead of a felony, the defendant agreed to plead guilty to second offense domestic causing injury. Therefore, the plea was for an Aggravated Misdemeanor. […]
Polk County OWI Test Refusal Suppressed
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  ~  June 1, 2020
Polk County, Iowa -- A defendant charged with OWI, First Offense, was ineligible for a deferred judgment because of a DataMaster result in excess of .15. Attorney Katie Sears successfully argued that because of a section 804.20 violation, the test refusal was invalid and should be suppressed. With the test refusal suppressed, we were able […]
Story County Defendant Gets Misdemeanor Probation in Felony Theft, Criminal Mischief, Burglary, and Trespass Case
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  ~  February 12, 2020
Story County, Iowa -- A defendant was charged with Theft in the Second Degree (Class D felony), Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree (Class D felony), Third Degree Burglary, and serious misdemeanor Trespass after a local property owner caught photos of someone they claimed to recognize as the defendant stealing diesel on his property. The […]
Polk County Client Gets Two Domestic Abuse Assault Causing Injury Charges Dismissed
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  ~  January 27, 2020
Polk Count, Iowa -- A Clark and Sears Law client was charged with two counts of domestic abuse assault causing injury from alleged incidents three months apart. Attorney Katherine Sears undertook extensive pretrial investigation, ensuring the availability of favorable witnesses at trial. Clark and Sears Law, PLLC, identified and made a Brady request for a […]
Carrying Weapons Dismissed, Probation on Eluding
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  ~  December 19, 2019
Clarke County, Iowa --  After witnesses claimed a Clark and Sears Law client threatened them with a gun at a gas station, the police initiated a high speed chase that ended in charges of Carrying Weapons and Eluding. Attorney Katherine Sears found a statutory basis for dismissing the Carrying Weapons charge.  The client received probation […]
Felony Child Endangerment Client Gets Misdemeanor and Suspended Fine
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  ~  December 10, 2019
Franklin County, Iowa -- A Clark and Sears Law client was charged with felony Child Endangerment causing bodily injury, OWI Second Offense, and an Open Container violation after officers claimed to watch the client back their car out of a ditch and hit a three year old child with an alleged .338 BAC and a […]
63% - 2019 Results-to-Date
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  ~  December 5, 2019
I went through and counted my 2019 stuff. 63% dismissals, dismissal agreements, deferred judgments, deferred prosecutions, diversions, and acquittals so far in 2019. I'm pretty okay about that.   If you'd like me to represent you on your Iowa criminal charges, please call or text me at (515) 491 6128 to schedule an initial consultation.  […]
Clark and Sears Law Client Found NOT GUILTY of Assault
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  ~  November 18, 2019
Polk County, Iowa -- Client found not guilty of assault.  Client was charged with Assault after giving a ride to someone who later claimed that the client had grabbed them. At trial, attorney Katherine Sears brought attention to an irregularity in the evidence provided by the complaining witness. After hearing the evidence in the case, […]
Evidence Suppressed, Case Dismissed
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  ~  October 16, 2019
Carroll County, Iowa -- A Clark and Sears Law client was accused of Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana) after police arrested the driver of a vehicle and searched the car over the client's objection.  Attorney Katherine Sears argued that the search had been illegal and violated the client's Fourth Amendment rights.  The judge agreed […]
Class C Felony Amended, Client Receives Deferred Judgment
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  ~  August 2, 2019
Keokuk County, Iowa -- A client charged with Fraudulent Practice in the 1st Degree, a Class C felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000, avoided a felony conviction when lawyer Katie Sears negotiated a plea for a lesser charge.  At the sentencing hearing, the client received […]