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Iowa Code 815.1 Deemed Unconstitutional
  ~  By Admin
  ~  August 26, 2020
Polk County, IA -- A defendant charged with Sexual Abuse needed a court reporter to take depositions and a private investigator to collect evidence on their behalf. Unfortunately, Iowa Code 815.1 -- which prevents defendants whose friends and family pay for their lawyers from getting state payment for these necessary services unless their lawyers earn […]
Wrongly Convicted and Innocent?
  ~  By Admin
  ~  December 12, 2019
Wrongly convicted? Sometimes, innocent people plead guilty.  Sometimes, innocent people are convicted for a judge or jury. I get frequent phone calls from people who want to know, sometimes years later, whether they can "expunge" their records (probably not, in most cases) or have their conviction overturned. Prior to 2018, the veracity of a plea […]